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Proof Reader In Delhi

Job Detail

  • Hiring Organization: Guest Delight International
  • Post Name: Proof Reader
  • Qualification: Graduation
  • Industry: Private
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Work Hours:  8 Hours
  • Salary: ₹10,000 – ₹15,000 a month
  • Location: New Delhi

Full Job Description

Assessment Validator – Role Profile

Environmental background

  • All businesses compete fiercely with the primary goal of pleasing their guests and exceeding expectations. To do this, the company needs to know the needs of guests as well as their complaints and wishes. Experience Specialists play an important role in meeting customer expectations by pretending to be real guests while observing and identifying various factors that need to be improved. Commonly referred to as “mystery shoppers,” they often gather information by asking guests questions, jotting down their opinions on certain products, or even rating guest services provided by the company.
  • The role of the Assessment Validator is to read the report, assess and correct grammar and sentence structure, and add highlights from the completed report as needed. This is a real “grunt work” that basically involves reading detailed reports, correcting grammar and explaining meaning, and spelling. It may also be necessary to paraphrase the text.

Experienced Professional Duties:

  • Approximately 5 different types of reports presented by an experienced professional will be presented. You should go through each one and add more details and highlight each recurring theme which can be positive or negative.
  • The estimated word count in all of these reports will more or less be somewhere5000+ words. You will also need to listen to 10 to 15 audio recordings of the conversation to make sure the narration is captured.
  • If there are photos or videos, you must match them to the report with the correct text.
  • All reports must be validated/corrected within 3 days. Sufficient advance notice will be provided to allow the Assessment Controller to schedule report submission within this timeframe. GDI is committed to this grace period to its customers and therefore the term is non-negotiable. If a timeframe default exists, GDI specifies a different one.
  • The assignment evaluator validator and default evaluator validator will fail. You will have enough time to plan these three days.
  • All reports are interrelated and the assessment validator must make relevant recommendations and suggestions.
  • The assessment validator should work closely with an experienced specialist to confirm and validate all necessary analyzes and observations. GDI activates this connection, which is done via email.
  • All reports include online reports and offline reports in MS Office format.

Just Motivation:

  • Assessment validators must be highly self-motivated and demonstrate initiative. become an appraiser.
  • Becoming a validator can be a bit tiring and only a very dedicated individual can provide the detailed observations and reports necessary for a successful assignment.
  • Good and clear writing skills: Excellent skills in this area are a must. Please read as much as you can and practice your writing skills.
  • Narratives require detailed, meaningful and meaningful observations. You may be asked to submit a sample of your writing before you are assigned an assignment.
  • Computer literate: Knowledge of standard word processing is essential for writing and submitting your reports. More familiarity with MS PowerPoint orMS Excel is more than welcome.
  • Understanding customer issues: You must be able to distinguish good service from mediocre and bad service. Study your social media tasks and watch for traffic jams and recurring issues or complaints.
  • Assessment validators benefit from a thorough understanding of customer service on customer sites.
  • Keen Eye: The best reviewers recognize the intricacies of a product or service. They should be able to provide details that experienced specialists may not even consider. Any recommendations or suggestions may be based on actual data or on improving the results of guest reviews.


  • Excellent communication/writing skills.
  • You work at a coworker’s home or office.
  • You must meet strict deadlines.
  •  Minimum 2 years hospitality experience.

Job type:

  • Full time.


  • ₹20,000 – ₹30,000 per month.


  • Internet recovery.


  • Day shift.

Additional remuneration types:

  • Appearance bonus.

Application questions:

  • Have you ever corrected a report?


  • Correction: 2 years (required).